Friday, September 19, 2014

A Little About Me...

I thought I would use this first post to tell you a little about me, my interests and of course how I got to this point..

So the basics.. My name is Sophie and I am 21 years old. I am currently living in Auckland and have so my whole life. I am currently studying to be an Early Childhood Teacher. I really love to read and listen to and play music, but sadly these have been things that my ED has taken away from me so I am trying to get back into that.

Where everything started...

I have been overweight my whole life but come the night of my sisters 21st Birthday party in late January of 2012 that all changed, well not for a while... On the 1st April 2012 I decided to have one last ditch attempt at loosing weight and I decided to go on Tony Ferguson (Meal Replacement weight loss programme).

And still to this day I feel like this was the right decision for me. Sure, it may have contributed to my disorder and heightened it slightly but when I look back on it I have had disordered eating throughout my life not just from the past 2 years.

So I started off at Tony Ferguson on the 1st April 2012 at 18 years old, 166cm and weighing a whopping 92kg (BMI of 33.4) with the goal of reaching 60kg which I got to within a year.

For me this was a slow process and took about a year. But im a person with an obsessive personality and I guess I didn't really think about that when I started and weight loss and exercise became an obsession...

Fast forward to April 2nd 2014 and I was admitted to hospital at my lowest weight for refeeding(ironic I know, my psychiatrist at the hospital pointed it out to me).

I was in the hospital for 15 days with an NG tube and it is not somewhere I would want to be again.

So right now I am currently weight restored  and am trying to gain my life back one step at a time. Though my body may be pretty much healed my mind is far from it. I feel like really I have made no mental progress since before I went into hospital back in April.  

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